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After receiving an overwhelming response on 24 Feminist Blogs You Need to Follow and Travel India, I was inspired to write a super-busy blog post and here I am listing my most favorite travel blogger names that I love in the world. likes. Likes. Inspire me to watch and give. Best travel advice. I’m sharing with a wide variety of travel bloggers, from solo travelers to traveling couples and even families with kids and families blogging about travel. So gear up your backpacks. I will start with the blog of my very good friend and blogger friend Sabrina and then move on to the others.

1. In-Beach Passengers
“The In-Beach Traveler should serve as an inspiration for people to travel the world and enjoy wonderful personal adventures, even while working a regular 9-5 full-time job and only a limited amount of time.” Should be availing paid leave (annual leave)”.

says Sabrina. She encourages others to take time out from their regular lives and explore the world.

‘It’s important to take some time out for your soul mate, but having only a few pay days per year can make it difficult to step out of your comfort zone and leave the sofa. This is why many people don’t even try to do anything different.

She further shares:

Sharing stories about ‘past vacations and itineraries that worked for short periods of time’, up to a maximum of 2 weeks, hopefully, inspires more to do so. Taking myself as an example, I want to show that it is possible and you can do much more in a 10 day break than you would have imagined.’

She acknowledges that taking time out from everyday commitments is hard, but insists it is possible. They said,

“You have a lot of commitments in your life when you are an adult, such as a job, family, pets, etc. These can sometimes deter people from holidaying, but in the end I believe you should It has to be well planned and it can happen. That’s why I am also sharing some planning tricks and travel tips on the blog which can help solve some of the most common issues.”

About blogger:
Sabrina shared,

“I’m just a girl next door” With a vision to visit as many places as possible in my life, I have to work to reach this goal and this is the biggest difference of all the nomadic travel blogs to a lot of blogs. It is believed that this is what the name indicates – The In Beach Traveler – means to travel while life happens. ,

He is available on Twitter and Instagram

2. Pack a broken bag
This travel blog is perfect for budget travelers. Melissa has traveled to Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe. English is not her mother tongue, but she is doing very well. Not to mention that she is a digital nomad which means she is independent and provides digital services to other businesses. She has helped many small Instagram and other social media accounts to grow. She can teach you how to do this.

About blogger:
Melissa is a French Canadian girl who has been traveling since June 2014 and she has been traveling since June 2014. She started her journey with only 2000 Canadian Dollars and has somehow managed to travel so far. He has traveled with co-travellers, traveled very cheaply and done some luxuries. So yes, she has it all, thus the best travel advice she can give you. She has some great travel tips and blogs to help you plan your next trip.

He is available on Facebook and Twitter.

3. My Life is a Movie
Alyssa has explored 85+ countries, and visited all 7 continents, 7 world wonders and 7 wonders of nature. His adventures of mountaineering and deep-water diving made me beat with envy. This blog is a true source of travel inspiration with more travel destinations than you can imagine.

About blogger:
Alyssa Ramos is a Barbie and selfie-ninja on the go. She is a Cuban American and a native of Florida. Alyssa has a huge following on social media

He is available on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

4. Dan Flying Solo
This British dude has been to many places and he is such an amazing photographer that makes me jealous. He has traveled to England, Scotland, Portugal, Australia, Bali and New Zealand. He also vlogs his travels on YouTube which will tell you he is hilarious and has an amazing accent. Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel.

About blogger:
Dan shared on his blog site that he is fond of traveling since childhood and prefers to travel alone as it is more convenient to connect and discover local people.

The year she started travel blogging for Campus Blog and it’s all her own. Their creative content is entertaining, informative, and helpful for aspiring travellers. His material reflects a great sense of humour. She talks about budget trips of 10$/day.

About blogger:
Gloria is from the beautiful land of Arizona. He has zero filters and no slouch for crap. She is sassy, ​​dreamy and enjoys singing in the shower, so yes she is just like us, average people are only a little more gorgeous every day.

He is available on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram

6. Nomad Matt
This is also the site that is dedicated to budget travel. The blog has great travel advice and resources and the best part is that there is no sponsored content or paid trips attached, which means the travel advice is genuine. He is also giving free travel hacking eBook on his blog.

About blogger:
This Boston friend didn’t start traveling until he was 23, but he never stopped after that. His trip to Costa Rica in 2004 changed his life. He is the author of the $50 per day best seller How to Travel the World, a wonderful resource for anyone planning to travel the world.

He is available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

7. Adventure Traveler
This expat wife has lived in Canada, Central America, America, Europe, Asia, you name it. She has some great travel tips and great tips for making a trip stop. She has gone hiking in the mountains and scuba diving in the deep waters with humongous fish. She also shares some useful travel resources and travel books.

About blogger:
Stephanie Griggs travels with her husband and friends. They believe that life is too short and you should put yourself out there and enjoy life. She tries to help by sharing resources and books that have helped her with her research.

He is available on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

8. Travel Pockets
The pair of sisters have traveled to the Caribbean, Norway, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and now Los Angeles. An interesting feature on the site is an ‘About Pet Travel’ section that shares about pet-friendly places for those who carry their fur. Children with them everywhere. After all, pets are love!

About blogger:
Candy and Crystal are sisters who spent their childhood and early adult lives in Japan. They moved to the United States, as they have traveled. What I love most about them is that they travel in style. Her outfit is so chic.

They are available on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

9. Supplements for Life
The couple mostly blog about travel destinations in and around Bangkok, they also have a few blogs about travel to Pakistan. The blog also shares some important gadgets that you need as a frequent traveler and a lot more food and lifestyle related tips.

About blogger:
Shayan and Kanika are married couple living in Thailand. What I love the most about them is that Shayan is a Pakistani and Kanika is from India and despite their similar backgrounds, the love continues.

They are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

10. Two Tickets

The traveling couple has been to Scotland, the Balkans and Germany. He has blogged about Bulgaria, Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo and more. Blogs are written more like a travel diary so that the reader can experience everything!

About blogger:
Matt and Lucy are British and fresh graduates. They travel together, while Matt accomplishes this with a great sense of humour, Lucy prefers to document each and everything in her travel diary.

They are available on Twitter and Instagram

11. Things We’ve Seen
The best thing about this travel blog is that it is available in both English and Dutch languages. He has toured Africa, America, Europe, Middle East and Oceania. The tips on the routes there are detailed and well-organized. His funny style is funny.

About blogger:
Anja is British and Henry is German but the two share a mutual interest in all things outdoors and love to travel. Henry did a catering job and later shifted to the IT business. Anja has studied Political Science and English. She has worked in the corporate communications department of a local energy supplier.

They are available on Twitter and Facebook

12. Road Break
It’s safe to say that the couple has been to all seven continents around the world. Alaska, Morocco, Iceland, Antarctica, Israel, Peru Visit their website

Courageous couple. While Adam works in online marketing, Stephanie is a learning and performance consultant. Stephanie has traveled to 18 more countries than Adam.

They are available on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

13. Travel Everywhere
This furry friend has been to Australia, Asia, Latin America, Europe and Morocco. The Philippines and Thailand are on their list. This guy is a travel photography guru and has some great tips for you too! The pictures he has taken from his travel destination show him as no less than a paradise.

About blogger:
David is an Australian boy with a heartwarming smile and mesmerizing photography skills. He has a knack for traveling as is evident from the fact that he quit his job in the Australian Public Service to travel around the world. After traveling to 20 countries at the age of 12, his addiction was over as a child. So far he has traveled to 59 countries.

He is available on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

14. Travel Lexx
This traveler has so far explored Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, with dreams of traveling one adventure world at a time. This blog is the promise of practical advice, informative blogs and inspiring photography. I would definitely recommend this blog for advice on budget travel.

About blogger:
Alexey is passionate about both travel and writing, thus travel blogging is a perfect choice for him and is working fine for him so far. This British boy is fond of mountain climbing, hiking and cycling.

He is available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

15. Families Can Travel
This travel blog will break down all your excuses that since you are a family man and a parent, you cannot travel. A family with two cute little travelers. No, they are not super rich. They travel on a budget and will teach you how it’s done. He has traveled to England, Wales, Thailand and Croatia.

About blogger:
Gemma believes that traveling with kids is not expensive and difficult. The key lies in good research and thus research every minute detail before planning a trip. Gemma enjoys family adventures whenever possible with her easy-going husband and animated girls aged 6 and two.

He is available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

16. Dave’s Travel Corner
This travel blog is probably one of the oldest in online blog history. It has over 22 years of online experience and has the largest social media following with over 600 contributors to its website. With 406k followers on Twitter alone, he is probably one of the biggest Travel Industry Influencers. I am mentioning them in the middle of this blog to provide a fair opportunity to other travel bloggers who are relatively new.

About blogger:
Dave’s travel journey began after a life-changing experience traveling to Nepal in 1996, when he became mortally ill and had to be carried down from Everest Base on women’s backs. Interesting detail, huh? Imagine how interesting their blogs are.

He is available on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

17. Almost Married Backpacker
The blog of a new couple on a mission to travel the most memorable trip ever and plan a wedding together. His love and passion can be seen through the blog. To be honest, I love them all for being so original and having fun with each other. No flashy photography of lovebirds or cliche couple things.

about blogger
The couple is so into travel adventures that they blew away four years of savings for their first home trip. They plan to travel to Southeast Asia and Australia and New Zealand.

They are available on Twitter.

18. Travel with Easy Blog
This travel blog is special and different in that it caters to the needs of older people and people with disabilities who love to travel. Let’s face it people with disabilities and older people travel and anyone trying to be inclusive should be applauded. So show some love to this great blog. It has some great tips that can make traveling easier for anyone.

About blogger:
Susan and Trisha are united by the fact that both their fathers served in the military in WWII. They met 15 years ago at an event for Band of Brothers. Both suffer from different types of osteoarthritis but share a love of travelling. The blog came into existence in the hope of helping others in similar situations.

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