7 tricks to save money while planning a wedding


As exciting as planning a wedding is, it is also a stressful task that takes a toll on your pocket. Once you start planning you will know how expensive everything is. Everything beautiful is also everything too expensive and out of your pocket. It’s hard to know how to manage a budget.

1. Book early
Your stylist, photographer, venue, band, or caterer book them all in as soon as possible. You would be surprised to know how much you can save by booking early. As the hiring dates approach, service providers find that the people who come to book them are the most desperate and out of options. Booking early will also give you peace of mind.


2. Be Your Own Stylist
There are thousands of videos on the Internet to guide you through this process. It may take months of practice to get the hang of things but it will be totally worth the money you are saving. Plus it’ll be some extra fun too.

3. Request Support
Ask someone who has recently been married to help you with wedding planning. They have already done their research and know which are the cheapest service providers you can work with. This will save you time, hassle and fuel to start your research. I asked my cousin to help me who was married a year ago and she was very helpful! She was my guardian angel.

4. Borrowing
Borrow as much as you can instead of buying or renting. You will be surprised to learn that you may be able to borrow a beach house, or farm house as a venue, saving you a lot of money.

5. Join the Guest List
Wedding planning is an overwhelming and costly process. Sometimes people take the route of division of labour, or authorize to make guest list and send invitations to their parents/elders for the honor. You may wish to join the process and check who is being invited to your special day, after all you will pay them to attend the event. A friend of mine put his mother in charge of the guest list and was surprised to see her being welcomed all over town. You don’t want to fall into that kind of surprise. If you have the budget, keep the number small and limit it to just a close circle.

6. Go Easy on Meals
No need for a lavish feast or a posh dinner. You are inviting people to celebrate their happy moment and not fight their never ending hunger. Let the event be about you and your partner, not the food festival. One dish and a few drinks should suffice. At weddings, most food is wasted anyway. If you’re worried people will judge you that you were stingy with food, let them judge you. Negative people just can’t help it, if they want to hurt you they will find something. Save money, save your hard earned money.

7. Tell Friends and Family That Cash Will Be Appreciated as a Wedding Gift
You can mention this by email or in person. I have seen some people doing this on invitation as well. If not all, but some people will comply and it can help you pay off the checks you have given to your service providers. Some shopkeepers also took cash after the incident.


I hope you find these tips helpful. My best wishes for your big day and a happy upcoming married life. Just remember that weddings are important but there are better ways to spend your money, so don’t go out and spend your everything. Be mindful of your expenses as a grand ceremony does not ensure a happy marriage.

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