Convicted killer’s father wrote a book claiming his innocence


Murder convict’s father writes a book claiming his innocence

A decade ago in 2008, the Neil Aswistle case was covered in the media. ‘British man convicted of killing his American wife and nine-month-old child’ was covered in TV channels and newspapers. Neil Estwistle was convicted of the double murder of his wife and child, Lillian. The gun used in the murder belonged to Neil’s father-in-law.

In 2006 Rachel and her daughter were found dead in their bedroom and Neil fled to Britain before anyone knew about the bodies and took refuge in his parents’ home. He was later extradited to the United States and charged with double murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and denied any parole. He was also forbidden to earn any money by selling his story.

On the day of the trial, a writer published a book on the story of this crime, portraying Neil as a heartless cold-blooded psychic killer who managed to garner much attention, but caused Neil’s family to suffer. left. Gave.

Neil is later harassed by the inmates, who call him a ‘baby-killer’ and is tricked into shaving his head in exchange for protection by a group. Later, he was shifted to another cell for his safety. Been in jail for the last ten years!

Clifford and Yvonne, the parents of convicted British murderer Neil Entwistle, who is serving a life sentence in prison, say they are innocent and that vital forensic evidence was withheld.

The father claimed his son’s innocence, claiming that it was not a murder but a suicide. Recently Clifford Entwistle has published a book ‘Niels Story: Trial by Media’ in which he claims that his son’s trial was unfair because the investigation was inconsistent and the evidence was withheld in the medical report. He wanted to tell his side of the story, which was easily overlooked by the media ten years ago.

For example, the court was unaware of the fact that Rachel was suffering from postpartum depression and that vital forensic evidence was missing from the postpartum report. After the publication of the book, this story has once again grabbed the attention of the media.

Clifford claims that Neil’s wife Rachel suffered from postpartum depression which is evident from his test messages and that she shot their child and then committed suicide. Neil reached the spot very late and lost his mental ability. In his disturbed mental state, he grabbed the gun used by Rachel and then left the weapon and ran to his parents. Clifford says it was Neil’s natural flight, or horrific reaction, that was held against him in court as evidence of his guilt. The court argued that if Neil was indeed innocent, he should have called the police instead of booking a flight to the UK.

Clifford is a Bassetlaw counselor and has recently published her book. He has worked as a coal miner for a long time and now works as a trainer.

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