Facebook is going through big changes. a face-lift or face-saving


Facebook is going through a major change. a face-lift or face saving Facebook
I just read a post on Business Insider that Facebook is getting the biggest face-off ever, but to me, it looks like the big changes Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced are a grace saved. Huh. Or as I like to say face- the saving act.

I’m making this argument because it doesn’t look like Facebook has decided to go under the knife to improve its approach. It seems to me that a college student after the shady and most scandalous student life decides to change his dressing sense so that he can lead a better professional life than his academic life. You know when they dye their hair a different color and say they’re a whole new person now, but are they really? It’s not like they’re shedding their skin and developing a fresh one, it’s just a color and the color won’t last long, soon they’ll be back to their true form.

Talking about the color change, Facebook is reportedly dropping its signature blue theme color and opting for a white theme similar to its sister app Messenger. Let’s find out what other changes were announced during and after the annual F8 Developers Conference 2019.

changes announced by facebook
Facebook has been in hot water for some serious ethical code violations, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg found himself in the hot seat and faced intense criticism. For the past year, he has been promising that the company has learned from mistakes and gained “a broader view of our responsibility.” During the F8 2019 conference, Arch Jugerberg used Tuesday’s keynote speech to announce that ‘the future is private’ and that Facebook will provide more security and privacy to its users with changes to both the layout and key features. This year’s announcements were more of a damage control plan.

Facebook design changes Facebook
color change
So one of the big changes Facebook has announced is that it will remove its blue header bar that has been the social network’s identifier since its conception in 2004. I think it would be better aesthetically because they were using a shade of blue. White space will look more neat and welcoming. We also know that white represents ‘purity’, ‘purity’ and ‘peace’ in most cultures, and Facebook was in dire need of cleaning up the mess. White also represents a blank canvas, so perhaps they are trying to send a message to unconscious users that they have not only changed but are starting anew.

Removing that blue bar will give stories a lot more space at the top of the display and groups will get more attention than before. This will make users look like Instagram.

feature change
Facebook has not only changed its approach but also changed some of its core features and added some cool new ones which are creating new rivals in the market.

focus more on the group
To help address the privacy issue, social media will bring groups into focus, giving the app the feel of a digital living room where you only interact with what you allow. Group admins will be responsible for monitoring and controlling the content being shared in groups and group members will also be able to request admins to post their questions anonymously to protect privacy. To encourage users to join more groups, Facebook will display the Groups tab at the top and on the sidebar of the desktop, though Facebook will display the most commonly used features in the app. This change in focus also indicates that the company is adjusting its image from the source of news to support communities and social groups.

new dating feature
Giving a tough competition to Tinder, Facebook is also going to offer online dating and ‘meet new friends’. Social Media Today reported that Tinder’s parent company Match Group lost 22% of its shares shortly after the announcement. There’s a lot in common with this new feature, though there are doubts about how the company will handle privacy issues. You’ll see recommendations from people based on their interests and activities, and you’ll have a dedicated inbox for chatting in addition to your other messages. There is a ‘Secret Crush’ feature that will notify users if any of their old friends have ‘feelings’ for them, without revealing their identity ‘if requested’.

Opening a ‘Market Place’
Facebook is also rolling out a feature called ‘Market Places’ where users will be able to buy and sell by handling payments and shipping directly from the social media app. Now, this is a really cool addition if it works without causing further damage to privacy by ‘stealing data’.

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