Why shouldn’t your friends be your wedding photographer?


We all know that weddings are expensive and that is why they become the highest earning industry. Paying for all those catering, sewing bills and accessories can put a real charge on your budget pocket. Amidst all these expenses, if there is one thing I would like to tell you from my 14 years of weddings experience, including my own that you should not cut the budget for, is photography.

wedding photographer
Your wedding photos are the only thing that is going to last the longest. By the end I really mean the last. Love may break with marriage but the pictures are left for the grandchildren to see. You no longer want your grandchildren to see some crappy pictures of your wedding. For that, I recommend that you seek professional help and do not request a friend or relative to do it for you. It will ruin your memories for the following reasons.

You might not get what you expected from a wedding photographer
They are not professionals, even if they have the right camera and lens, they don’t have enough practice with angles and lighting. Even though they may have some experience in the field, they may not even know the basics about event coverage and may miss out on coverage of some of the moments that are closest to your heart. Regrets won’t die for years, believe me. Covering the entire event is not even a click and click deal. Professionals filter and touch up your photos afterwards. Some lucky pictures even get full-editing. If you assign a task to an armature you can miss out on that beauty.

Personal matters may come in the way
Believe it or not a friend of mine requested his cousin to be the photographer at his wedding, and the boy didn’t take a single photo of the bride’s brother at the event because the two didn’t get along well. So he has no recollection of one of the most important events in his dear brother’s life. This would never have happened if they had hired a professional photographer.

You might not get the wedding photographer photos in time
They may have set up time for your big day, but they may also have a second life once it’s over and your wedding photos aren’t on their priority list. Also you are not paying them or paying them some amount which is not enough motivation to complete your work. This happened to a friend who had hired his friend’s father. The boy who came to the wedding took all the pictures but later did not even answer his calls. She came back from her honeymoon, later did a maternity shoot, and had a son but never heard of his wedding photos. Needless to say, it also cost him a very good friend.

you can’t complain
As you’re getting it for free or almost for free, if you don’t like the photos, or in my friend’s case don’t get them at all, you won’t be able to complain. I know it’s terrible, but whether you like it or not, they’re doing you a favor and thus you lose the right to complain about it.

It can even put your relationship in jeopardy
Everything mentioned above should be enough for you to understand why it might cost you a good friend/relationship. If it’s not clear yet, let me state it explicitly. They may feel that they are not obligated to you in any way because they are not being paid (which they are not but they have accepted a responsibility) and you may feel that they are more or less responsible Huh. are not meeting their standards. This can lead to a rift between the two parties and serious damage to the relationship.

So in the end, you may not want to budget on photography on your special day, but there are other ways to fit your wedding in your pocket. Read the following article to know how.

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